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Church History


In the 1930s God placed a burden on the hearts of individuals to establish a Sunday School and Bible studies in the village of Kenai. There was also a need for a children’s home, which was eventually located on our present church property. After Slavic Gospel Association (SGA) sent delegates to canvas Alaska in 1939 to determine its spiritual needs, missionaries were sent to assist the individuals already ministering here.

In 1942 SGA purchased the children’s home structure for the establishment of Kenai Bible Chapel. Becoming the first Protestant place of worship in Kenai, it was remodeled to include a chapel meeting room downstairs and an upstairs apartment. Outgrowing this building, a larger structure was begun in 1950. It included an attached apartment, a pastor’s study, and a basement fellowship hall. Over the years, additions, extensions, and remodels have increased its size and usability.

The lighted cross atop the roof was installed in 1956, replacing a smaller, wooden cross. Originally erected as a memorial for a lost son and as a testimony to the Lord Jesus Christ – the true Light of the world Who alone can forgive lost souls -- it also serves as a guide to fishing boats returning from their adventures in the inlet and beyond. For all those who confess Christ as Savior, it stands as a constant reminder of Jesus’ sacrificial death and His unconditional love for each and every one of us.  

In 1975 the chapel became indigenous (self-supporting) and the following year SGA offered to relinquish the property and building. On July 20, 1976 the title was registered in Kenai under the name Kenai Bible Church.

In August 2017 we celebrated 75 years of God’s Faithfulness, during which time many missionaries, laymen and pastors have been privileged to serve here.  God has chosen to continue shining His Light here and reaching souls for His Kingdom.  Psalm 89:1

Our active, dedicated missionary program supports more than a dozen missionary couples/families, several of whom first received God’s call to missions here in Kenai, and several who have been under the church’s support for 30-40 years. As a result of God’s faithfulness in their ministries, the Light of the Cross also shines in many parts of the world. We are grateful to be a part of their outreach – either financially or through prayer.

We would welcome you to come and fellowship with us.

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